What happens in our sessions?

We agree to have regular sessions, usually once a fortnight for one hour.

Meetings can be with parents, children, grandparents, other friends and family. This is something we discuss before and during the therapy.

Therapy is time-limited. Generally therapy lasts for on average 12 sessions.

Families usually know within four to six sessions whether they feel therapy is for them.

The therapy goes through three stages:

  • we agree on the difficulties that you want to work on (this can be renegotiated as part of the therapeutic process)

  • we then do the work, positively focusing on the main difficulties 

  • we agree on how to end the therapeutic process and how you can focus on going forward in life and setting goals for the future.

Therapy involves many different ideas. The therapeutic process may involve enhancing communication skills, collaborative problem solving, changing behaviours, looking at family and personal histories to see how they might influence problems and highlighting strengths to name a few. Sometimes you will be invited to do homework exercises.

As the therapy progresses we take some time to discuss its effectiveness during our sessions.