What does systemic family and couple therapy help with? (Adults)*

NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) recommends Family and Couple Therapy for:

  • antenatal and postnatal mental health

  • depression and bipolar disorder

  • diabetes

  • psychosis

  • alcohol dependence and harmful alcohol use

NICE also recommends the inclusion of families and carers for the following:

  • dementia

  • epilepsy

  • fertility problems

  • motor neurone disease

  • obesity and obesity prevention

  • prostate cancer

  • social anxiety disorder

  • stroke rehabilitation 

There is evidence to show that systemic family and couple therapy works with the following difficulties


  • drug and alcohol problems

  • mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorder

  • anxiety disorders including PTSD

  • psychosis

  • adjusting to illness and disability

  • relationship difficulties

  • psychosexual problems

  • intimate partner violence

With over 18 years of psychotherapy experience in the NHS Piers believes that many difficulties can be help with systemic family and couple therapy.

Piers has helped many people address the difficulties and symptoms that affect their personal and family lives.

*based on meta-analysis by Prof. Alan Carr